10 Myths About SNAP

“Food Stamps” are now referred to as SNAP, which stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

1. Myth: SNAP is welfare.

Fact: The SNAP Program is a nutrition assistance program that changes lives and helps communities. It helps low income people buy nutritious foods. It is not welfare.

2. Myth: Other people need SNAP more; I don’t want to take them away from someone else.

Fact: SNAP is an entitlement program. Anyone who applies and is eligible will get SNAP benefits. This will not reduce the amount that goes to anyone else.

3. Myth: You have to go to the office and wait many hours to get an appointment.

Fact: The North Texas Food Bank’s SNAP Outreach coordinators can turn in an application for you and get a receipt. Any applicant can request a telephone interview.

4. Myth: I own a car, so I will be disqualified.

Fact: Your car can be valued up to $15,000, and possibly more, if you can prove that you must have it to maintain income or transport a disabled individual. A second car can be valued up to $5,000.

5. Myth: SNAP is only for families.

Fact: SNAP benefits are for anyone who applies and qualifies.

6. Myth: Other people will know I use SNAP benefits.

Fact: You use benefits by running a Lone Star card through the credit card machine at the grocery store. Other people are unlikely to notice.

7. Myth: SNAP benefits have to be paid back.

Fact: People who get the right amount of SNAP benefits do not have to pay them back. If you benefit because of false information, then you will have to pay them back.

8. Myth: SNAP is for people who can’t, or don’t, work.

Fact: Any able-bodied person between 18-60 who is able to work can receive SNAP benefits only three months in a three-year period when not working. This can be extended by the Texas Workforce Commission if they are compliant with the program but unable to find a job.

9. Myth: You can’t get SNAP if you have savings.

Fact: Your household may have up to $5,000 in assets for a family and $3,000 for an individual.

10. Myth: SNAP is not worth applying for since you only get $14.

Fact: The amount of SNAP benefits depends on household size, income and certain expenses. A mother with two children who works full-time at $7 an hour and pays $350 in rent could receive $180 in benefits. Elderly people who live alone receive an average of $53 a month and households with a disabled person receive an average of $126 in benefits per month. A single person with no income may receive $162 each month.


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